Other dramas you’ll like while waiting for the third season


There’s a reason You is such a hit on Netflix: It has suspense, mystery, love, and a twisted plot that delves into unexpected territory with each episode.

The Penn Badgley-directed drama is the perfect binge, but it’s been over a year since we last got new episodes. Season 3 of You will bring back Badgely and Pedretti, plus new stars Scott Speedman (Felicity), Shalita Grant (Search Party) and Travis Van Winkle (Transformers).

In the meantime, here are other shows like You give money below.

Gossip girl

Before Penn Badgley was the charming serial killer Joe Goldberg, he was a Brooklyn teenager hanging out with the Manhattan elite on Gossip Girl. Badgley stars in the series as Dan Humphrey, the clever, sometimes boyfriend of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). If you like You’s secrets and scandal, or if you can’t help it and only like Joe, go to Gossip Girl without hesitation.

White lines

Netflix’s White Lines brings all the excitement and mystery of You to Ibiza, Spain. The drama follows Zoe Walker (Laura Haddock), who sets out to solve the puzzle of her brother’s disappearance decades after his disappearance on the island and a body is suddenly discovered that could probably be sweat. Like You, it is an escapist series that is easy to enjoy in one sitting.

Dirty john

Dirty John is like the true criminal version of You. The first season of the anthology series tells the story of John Meehan, a con man who ripped off a wealthy divorcee and alienated her from her family and friends when they tried to warn her about the superficial and fast-paced relationship. If you were drawn to the twisted love of Joe and Beck (Elizabeth Lail) in season 1, you will want to see Dirty John.


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