Osman Bukari copies Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Siuuu!” World Cup opening celebration with 5 goals


Ghana faced Portugal in the first match of the World Cup in Group H on Wednesday, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic “Siuuu!” goal celebration appeared not once, but twice. However, Osman Bukari from Ghana imitated the captain of Portugal for the second time. Ronaldo, who was watching from the bench at the time, was noticeably annoyed by the imitation.

Bukari scored with his head in the 78th minute, reducing the gap of two goals to 3:2.

Ronaldo sat on the bench, angry at the missed goal and the copycat celebration that followed.

Portugal coach Fernando Santos had fired Ronaldo a few minutes earlier.

Despite the shaky ending to the game, Portugal emerged victorious.

Hot holiday

After an avalanche of comments following his “Siuuu!” celebration, Boukari tweeted to clarify the situation.

He stated that the celebration was not disrespectful, but an emotional reaction to Ghana’s (and Africa’s) second goal at the 2022 World Cup.

Boukari also said that he was not brought up to show such disrespect.

“I noticed that my celebration today caused comments in which it was claimed that I showed disrespect to Ronaldo.

“This is wrong. I was overwhelmed with emotions from the moment when I scored a goal for my country in my debut match at the World Cup, which led to my celebration.

“My upbringing does not allow me to show disrespect to my elders, not to mention one of my idols.

“Thank you for your support and we will focus on our next game!”

After a fairly calm first half, both countries scored all five goals in the second half of the match.

In the first forty-five minutes, the most convincing moment fell to the best scorer of Portugal in history.

In this case, the first touch of the ex-Manchester United player was too heavy, which is why the distance between him and the ball was too large. It also gave Ghanaian goalkeeper Lawrence Ati-Zigi the opportunity to intercept the ball before No. 7 was able to poke the ball on either side of the goalkeeper.

A chance for redemption

Later, Ronaldo will get a chance to redeem himself in the sixty-fifth minute.

Referee Ismail Elfat awarded Portugal a hotly contested penalty. Elfat considered that Mohamed Salis had fouled Ronaldo.

Replays of dirty support when the Portuguese captain may have gone to ground due to a soft call.

Despite this, Ronaldo came up and converted a penalty.

Goalkeeper Ati-Zgi went the right way, but the Portuguese striker shot too hard for the goalkeeper to get close enough to hit the ball. Moments later, Ronaldo raced away and jumped in the air for his iconic celebration.

Siuu again

The realized penalty of the Portuguese striker brought Ronaldo another record. Now he will go down in history as the first person to score at five consecutive World Cups.

Portugal’s victory secures them first place in Group H. Ghana goes to the end of the group after Uruguay and South Korea, who had previously drawn in the first match.

The next opportunity for Bucari or Ronaldo to hold a cult celebration will present itself on Monday, when Portugal plays Uruguay and Ghana plays South Korea.


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