Oscar 2020: La La Land, Star Wars and eight other surprises at the Academy Awards that no one could have predicted


The 1917 epic war film is the favorite to win an Academy Award for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

This brutal World War I drama directed by Sam Mendes is a favorite of film critics, cinema lovers and bookmakers alike.

However, the South Korean Parasite is increasingly expected to make a turnaround – despite the fact that no foreign-language film has ever won this most prestigious award in the 90-year history of the Oscars.

It will be a pretty big shock if 1917 doesn’t win the grand prize, but the list below shows that the Oscars are more than capable of occasionally surprising. Here’s a reminder of some of the most memorable moments.

“Moonlight” Wins Best Film Award “Twice” (2017)
The fact that Moon beat the much-favored competitor La la lend was fantastic in itself.

It was a movie produced by an independent film company (A24), with a tiny budget of just $ 1.5 million.

La la lend was a striking optimistic film in 2016, earning nearly $ 500 million worldwide and picking up all the major awards at the awards just before the Academy-organized ceremony.

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Moon’s unexpected triumph has become even more special thanks to arguably the greatest gaffe in Oscar history.

A mistake in handling the envelopes with the names of the winners caused La la lend to be mistakenly declared the winner – before the mistake was awkwardly corrected live on television.

Ana Pakvin, the lovely and unexpected Oscar winner (1994)
Not that the Academy doesn’t consider very young actors for the awards – Justin Henry was only eight years old when he was nominated for Best Actor in the 1980 film Kramer vs Kramer.

But winning the award is another story altogether.

That’s why few people gave a chance to Ana Pakvin when she was shortlisted for Best Supporting Actress in 1994 for her role in the Piano.

She had some pretty fierce competition – Emma Thompson, Winona Ryder and Holly Hunter were also nominated.

However, the then-eleven-year-old beat them all and became the second youngest to win an Academy Award – after Tate O’Neill, who was only ten when she won the same category as Paper Month (1973).

How surprised Pakvin was can be seen in the official insert of the Academy.

Annie Hall Wins Star Wars (1978)
Woody Allen’s Annie Hall fought at the Oscars in 1978 against Star Wars: New Hope – a blockbuster that forever changed popular culture.

Allen’s legendary romantic comedy won the Best Picture Award.

This decision, after 40 years, is the reason for discord among film lovers.

Many see this as key evidence for the argument that the Academy does not take science fiction seriously.

Olivia Coleman pushes Glen Klouz to still wait (2019)
Glen Klouz arrived at the 2019 Academy Awards as the most nominated live actor to ever win an Oscar – she had been nominated seven times by then.

But it looked like the stars were finally setting themselves up to break with that backlash: her convincing performance in Woman won praise from critics and all other prestigious pre-Oscar awards.

The shock of the Dolby Theater followed when the name of British actress Olivia Colman was read – and Glen Klouz’s fateful fate just continued.

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Sylvester Stallone and Rocky triumph over weight (1977)
Taxi Driver and All the President’s People, ranked among the most acclaimed films of all time, were nominated for Best Picture at the 1977 Oscars.

But the winner was … Rocky.

To be quite fair with the box office drama he wrote and starred in Sylvester Stallone, she also came to the Oscars with good reviews, as well as the fact that she was the highest grossing movie of 1976.

Still, it was still Rocky’s shocking victory – which is not bad for a movie no one gave a chance to as he talks about being a boxer to a complete outsider.

The Famous Five Minutes of Beatris Street (1977)
Acting is an art that is widely known and requires a lot of renunciation.

But sometimes you can just win an Oscar with, apparently, very little effort.

Beatris Street won one for Best Supporting Actress in 1977 after only five minutes of appearing in the TV Network.

Twelve years later, Judy Dench was also honored with a snap prize: her eight-minute role won the Best Supporting Actress Award in Love Shakespeare.

Kevin Kostner Dancing His Eye on Martin Skorseze and Francis Ford Coppola (1991)
Dance with the Wolves was the silent favorite to win the Academy Award for Best Film in 1991.


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