Oscar 2020: Hidden Nominees, Intimacies and Curiosities


This Sunday will be the delivery of the Academy Awards.

Just like last year, the Oscar 2020 will not have anyone any particular presenter or rather, it will have everyone … And the first confirmed ‘presenters’ are the last winners Mahershala Ali , Olivia Colman , Regina King and Rami Malek who They return to deliver the prize of the different categories of Best Actors. To attract the rating of the youngest, there will also be ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot and ‘Hulk’ Mark Ruffalo , in addition to Kelly Marie Tran of ‘Star Wars’ in contrast to the humor of Will Ferrell or Julia Louis-Dreyfus , the profile Broadway from Lin- Manuel Mirandaand the youth of Timothée Chalamet . The list of those who will open the famous envelope continues with other stars such as Diane Keaton , Shia LaBeouf , Steve Martin , Sigourney Weaver and Keanu Reeves , among many others.

Finally, the Academy realized that English is not the only language spoken in the United States and the category they used to call Best Foreign Language Film, for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’, this year will be baptized with the correct name of ‘ Best International Film ‘, that is to say’ Best International Film ‘. The one in charge of opening that envelope will be nothing more and nothing less than Penelope Cruz (such as when he gave the Oscar to Pedro Almodóvar for ‘All About My Mother’, although this time he competes with his own story of ‘Pain and Glory’.

The Oscar of the TV would not be Oscar without the musical presentations. And they have already confirmed that all the nominees of the Best Original Song category will sing live. How Elton John with ‘(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again’ by ‘Rocketman’ to Indina Menzel with ‘Into The Unknown’ from ‘Frozen II’ or Randy Newman with ‘I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away’ by ‘ Toy Story 4 ‘, in addition to Chrissy Metz with’ I’m Standing With You ‘by’ Breakthrough ‘and Cynthia Erivo with’ Stand Up ‘by’ Harriet ‘. As a special attache, drummer Questlove will be , while Eímar Noone will become the first woman to lead the Oscar orchestra.

The most celebrated event before the Oscar was the lunch they organized with all the nominees, just ten days before the big night, in the main hall where the winners will meet again at the official party, after the Oscar. There they were together in the same room, Brad Pitt , Al Pacino , Charlize Theron , Quentin Tarantino , Jennifer Pough , Robert De Niro , Todd Phillips , Sam Mendes and Laura Dern The most photographed? Cynthia Erivowho took advantage of the prestige of his two nominations for ‘Harriet’, to take pictures with the most famous (like the President of the Academy, David Rubin ). The least photographed? Noah Baumbach and Great Gerwig , are married, nominated for different productions (he with ‘Marriage Story’, she with ‘Little Women’) but they preferred to avoid posing together.

Even the losers will have a prize because, a few days before the ceremony, the nominees can go through the Luxe hotel where a secret suite with the ‘DPA Gifting Lounge’ sign hides gifts as different as stays on an island of Tahiti or Bali; ‘De Marquet’ and ‘Deafmetal’ jewelry and ‘Tom Boy’ underwear to wear on the red carpet; cosmetics to rejuvenate as the special collagen of ‘A Method’; sweets like the famous ‘Dreamy Creations’ muffins; bottles of purified water in aluminum container for reuse; ‘Topo Chico’ carbonated water imported especially from Mexico and a curious canned wine called ‘Social’.

The Oscar’s red carpet is specially designed so that celebrities can show off when they enter the Dolby Theater in front of the sea of ​​journalists and photographers waiting for them at the side, but there are also rules. To begin with, a white tent will cover the moment when celebrities go through the inevitable X-rays in the style of access to an airport (to avoid a terrorist attack). And yes, journalists will also go through the X-ray detectors located in each corner, where no one can have access that does not have a credential so impossible to falsify that when scanning it the photo of the accredited appears on a screen.

The ceremony will feature the classic space ‘In Memoriam’ reminding those who died this year (asking the public that out of respect they do not applaud when naming loved ones). And among the most remembered are Doris Day , Peter Fonda , Luke Perry , Danny Aiello , Franco Zefirelli and actor Peter Mayhew who was under Chewbacca’s suit in ‘Star Wars’. Even basketball player Kobe Bryant will be honored because he had also won an Oscar two years ago with the Best Animated Short Film.

They hope this time the transmission lasts about three and a half hours, but the real objective is that it lasts less than the 210 minutes it lasts … ‘The Irishman’.

The official party will be at Governor’s Ball, one floor above the Dolby Theater, with Chef Wolfgang Puck himself who turns 25 with the Oscar. The big change: in honor of Joaquin Phoenix , the menu will have 70% vegan and vegetarian dishes but there will also be meat, salmon and caviar, along with the inevitable Champagne and wine brought especially from the vineyards of the director Francis Ford Coppola that even premieres a new version Rosé, with the name of his daughter Sofia. The best thing is that no one can leave without giving himself the pleasure of ‘tasting’ the Oscar … of chocolate, because they will make especially 6,000 miniature figurines, bathed in real 24-carat gold, guarded in a small chest, as the perfect memory.

The Privacy of the Oscar
They say that ‘Marriage Story’ with Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver is the true story of the divorce between director Noah Baumbach and actress Jennifer Jason Leigh , after they had the only child Rohmer (very coincidentally as Netflix’s ‘fiction’). And although Baumbach denies it, he at least admitted that he showed the script and the film to his ex Jennifer, with enough time to make any changes, if it had been necessary. The funny thing is that this time, he competes for the Oscar with his current wife Greta Gerwig , director and screenwriter of ‘Little Women’ nominated as ‘Marriage Story’ in the category Best Film.

Looking for a Hispanic angle among the nominees, it is worth noting that Leonardo DiCaprio (in addition to his father’s Italian roots) is in a relationship with Argentina’s Camila Morrone , who was also a stepdaughter of Al Pacino, when he was a couple with his mother Lucila Solá ( Pacino will have been born in New York, but he also owes fame to the Cuban role of Tony Montana in ‘Scarface’). Florence Pough was also raised in Andalusia, when she was still a ‘Little Woman’. But the Latino who does not deny being Latino, although people think he is a ‘joker’ when he says it, is Joaquin Phoenix : he was born in Puerto Rico with the real name of Joaquin Rafael Bottom .

After Brad Pitt’s surprise encounter with Jennifer Aniston at the SAG Awards ceremony of the Actors Guild, there are those who bet that Brad invited her to accompany him on the big Oscar night and she, with a smile, did not accept. And as he well said in the Golden Globes, he will not take the mother, so that they do not invent any romance.

Steven Spielberg does not compete this year for the Oscar but it had a lot to do with the principle of ‘Little Woman’. As the story takes place at the same time of his version of ‘Lincoln’, Greta Gerwig revealed that he had personally handed him a folder with the details of the investigation he had done at that time, such as the way they lit the Candles and also shared different ideas, together, without charging a single penny. Another fact: few know that Spielberg also has an important place in the Oscar because it is part of the board of the Academy, in the branch of Directors.

So they found out
More glory than pain for Antonio Banderas : he was in a restaurant in Malaga when he learned that he had been nominated for an Oscar, when everyone started shouting around him. It was a good way to celebrate it in the city where he was born, where he also opened his own theater, just three months before. Of course, he promised us again and again that he will not vote for himself “I am ashamed.”

The director of the Korean ‘Parasite’, Bong Joon Ho, He had seen the announcement of the nominations from an iPad, because he had arrived in Los Angeles to receive another of the many awards he received this year as Best International Film. With the children sleeping in the same hotel room, he couldn’t even shout the three nominations he earned as Best Director and Screenplay Editor, as well as Best International Film (the big favorite to win his Oscar).

The young Florence Pugh had already called her mother to tell her that she had nominated her for the Oscar as Best Supporting Actress for ‘Little Women’ and after immortalizing the moment with a photo on Instagram, she wanted to call the father, but could not. He had already run out of battery on the phone, for all the other calls he received to congratulate him.

The hidden nominees
Robert De Niro is not among the nominations because he did not enter the five Best Actors for ‘The Irishman’ or as Best Supporting Actor in ‘Joker’, but he can actually win the Oscar if he wins ‘The Irishman’ because he is the producer of the film along with Martin Scorsese .

The one who also went unnoticed among the nominations, is former President Barack Obama , because he is nothing less than the producer of the nominated Best Documentary ‘American Factory’. But even if the Oscar wins, in this case, the prize will be won by directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert .

With Brad Pitt , many believe it will be the first time he has won the Oscar, but in reality, he already has one in his house (no, it’s not the one Angelina Jolie won in ‘Girl Interrupted’). He had actually won with his role of producer of ’12 Years a Slave ‘as Best Film in 2014, although he had also been the producer of’ The Departed ‘when he won Best Film in 2007 (he was the one who had hired the Best Director Martin Scorsese ), but that time Brad had given his place to producer Graham King who took the reins of production after he decided to leave his role as actor to Matt Damon .

There are plenty of complaints about the lack of women in the Best Direction category taking into account the good work of Greta Gerwig in directing ‘Little Women’ but the Academy also did not leave her out because she is nominated for Best Screenplay Adaptation. But she is also part of the statistics that affect the world of cinema: women represent only 8% of the total number of film directors, today.

The Korean production ‘Parasite’ is the great revelation with its six nominations and as a way to return to the origin of the cinema, director Bong Joon Ho also now premiered in New York and Los Angeles a special black and white version that he had made before winning the Palme d’Or in Cannes.

Instead of conventional makeup, the parts of ‘The Irishman’ in which Robert De Niro , Al Pacino and Joe PesciYounger appear special effects were used, such as a kind of digital plastic surgery that they had first tried rejuvenating De Niro in ‘Goodfellas’. Of course: in the part in which De Niro is 80 years old, he had a conventional makeup (by Carla White) but having a higher percentage of digital effects could not appear in the nomination for Best Makeup but is nominated for Best Visual Effects, competing with ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’, ‘1917’, ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Avengers Endgame’.

Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch do not act more than five minutes in the history of the First World War of ‘1917’, but their experiences with the Oscar hope to bring him luck in the ceremony. The director Sam Mendes had already won the Oscar 20 years ago as Best Director with ‘American Beauty’ and a part of the new ‘1917’ is quite ‘familiar’ to the Oscar of Steven Spielberg in ‘Saving Prívate Ryan’.

One of the rules of the Academy is the prohibition of nominating the same actor twice in the same category. That is why Scarlett Johansson could only receive a double nomination but in two different categories as Best Leading Actress (for ‘Marriage Story) and Best Supporting Actress (for’ Jojo Rabbit ‘). But Al Pacino and Margot Robbie may well have received votes as Best Supporting Actors for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ for representing agent Marvin Shwarz and the real Sharon Tate , although they were eventually nominated for ‘The Irishman’ and ‘Bombshell ‘respectively.

And although many do not know, the actor who really epitomizes the ‘ghost’ of Adolf Hitler in ‘Jojo Rabbit’ is nothing less than the nominee for Best Director and Best Adaptation of Screenplay, Taika Waititi who joked to point out “The best way to to ensure a great role is to become the director ”.

Ranking of the number of nominations per Oscar 2020 study
Netflix: 24
Walt Disney (including Fox): 23
Sony Pictures: 20
Universal Pictures (including Focus Features): 13
Warner Bros .: 12
Neon: 8
Lionsgate / Roadside Attractions: 6
Paramount: 0


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