Orlando Bloom confirms plans to have children with Katy Perry


Actor Orlando Bloom, already the father of a boy, told in a new interview that he is preparing for a new phase in his life. Looking ahead, he said he wants to “enjoy family and friends and have more children.” The statement comes amid news that he and Katy Perry are settling the details of the marriage. The couple is engaged.

“When I embark on this, I want to make sure that it is with my heart full and very clear about the reality of what it means, as opposed to the romantic idea of ​​what a relationship is. Because I think when you are younger we have this idea of ​​the love of Hollywood sold to us – about relationships, marriage and children – and really what is communication and commitment, so life seems like someone willing to. communicate and find joy in simple and small moments, ”he told Man About Town.

Although they are two public figures, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom keep the relationship – back and forth – quite private. The singer was once married to actor Russell Brand, and the experience was not good: he broke up with her via sms and everything was documented on camera and shown to the whole world in the documentary “Part of Me”.


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