Orlando Bloom allegedly helped Pete Davidson to survive the breakup, as there are rumors about him and Katy Perry


Additional workloads, such as hours of work in completely different places, can significantly complicate the relationship. As we know, this is something celebrities face quite often, as their seemingly glamorous work also leads to them being away from their partners/families for a long time. The distance was named as one of the reasons for the recent breakup of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, but since Davidson allegedly receives support from his co-star Orlando Bloom, there are rumors about the actor Carnival Row and Katy Perry.

Why are there rumors about Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s relationship?

It can be difficult for many couples to maintain a strong romantic relationship, even under circumstances that most people think are perfectly ideal, and celebrities seem to find it especially difficult to stay together for a long time. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have already had one serious breakup that we know about, but now there are rumors that they may break up again, because OK! Reports that now he doesn’t like most of Perry’s Instagram posts, and recently he didn’t like her posts at all, as Bloom continues to post shirtless workout selfies.

Obviously, this is something that could only be noticed if you already closely follow Perry and Bloom’s Instagram feeds, and it really sucks that if there are really problems between them right now, something as simple as liking on social media is the thing that alerted fans. Even if only one fan noticed that Bloom massively dislikes Perry’s posts, this automatically leads to the fact that almost everyone knows about it.

Bloom and Perry first went public with their romance in January 2016 and dated the following March, breaking up in a way that Bloom once suggested was amicable. They were back together by February of the following year, got engaged a year after that, and then welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove at the end of August 2020. Unfortunately, though, the story also notes that Perry and Bloom are still keeping an eye on each other. Instagram, many fans perceive his actions as another sign that now the relationship between the couple may not be very good.

Just earlier this month, on August 11, Perry was seen very excited during a concert when she sang Whitney Houston’s hit “The Greatest Love of All”. Although singers are very often excited when performing such exciting songs as this, fans are now linking this incident to two occasions earlier this year (the Met Gala and one of Perry’s performances on American Idol) where she was not engaged. the ring as a sign that the couple may have fallen into a difficult lane.

Neither Orlando Bloom nor Katy Perry have said anything about not liking her posts, or about any other alleged evidence of problems in their relationship, so fans should remember that there may be several reasons for all the things that are pointed out as bad signs. . Hopefully, if something is really wrong, they will be able to deal with it over time, and maybe Pete Davidson will be able to return the favor and listen to Bloom in return.


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