Orkut is “back”, once again, thanks to a Brazilian project


Orkut officially died in 2014, and still misses today.

It was Google’s only big hit in the social networking market, and the company tried hard after that. The product was unfortunately defeated by Facebook’s dizzying growth, and then a whole generation of scraps, testimonials, and communities were left behind.

The good news is that the platform is “back”, but be very calm: this is another fan project like the one that sought to honor the social network in 2017. This time the developer Murillo Fagá touches the new Orkut.

In terms of functionality, the “new” Orkut really draws well the classic experience of the service, with scraping tools, testimonials, and the nostalgic system of communities and topics.

As it is completely disconnected from the old Google product, it is not possible to recover old profiles and their contents. But it is possible to import profile information and contacts from Facebook.

Anyone who is venturing into nostalgia should remember that personal information such as full name, date of birth, e-mail and others are required. Never before has the issue of online privacy been discussed so much, even when tech giants like Twitter, Facebook and others are vulnerable to attacks and data leaks.


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