Ori’s director apologizes for being so hard on the industry


In a post on the Resetera forum, Thomas Mahler, CEO of Moon Studios, made very harsh criticisms of the video game industry and the culture of hype, with strong words directed especially to Sean Murray, from No Man’s Sky, and to CD Projekt Red .

As much as several of his arguments were valid and rational, the aggressive way in which he treated some professional colleagues motivated the director of Ori to post an apology on his private Twitter:

“The day after posting, I read your responses and realized that I didn’t have much consideration, nor did I use the right tone, let alone the right platform,” lamented Thomas. “I talked to the staff internally here and I didn’t represent Moon Studios as they deserve.”

“I’m a developer and I love what I do, there’s nothing I like more than making games and surprising people by putting a smile on their faces or making them cry with emotion. (…) We all share this love in common and we must always respect each other. That was not the case yesterday, and for that I am sorry. ”

Do you think Thomas was right in pointing out how the exaggerated hype can generate unsatisfactory video games? Do you agree that he needed to apologize for the tone of the message? Comment below!


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