Original Terranigma team that bring Snes RPG back to life


RPG: The 16-bit generation certainly presented us with great classics in the RPG genre, some of which unfortunately never officially arrived in the United States. One of them is Terranigma, and according to information that is on the net the official production team is moving to try to bring the game back to life today.

This week, Miyoko Takaoka (composer of the RPG game) and Kamui Fujiwara (artist of the game) started an online petition together with some fans, and ask for the help of those interested so that this request ends up reaching Square Enix’s ears. to revive Terranigma in some way.

“With the help of Kamui Fujiwara and Miyoko Kobayashi, we started a campaign to collect signatures by requesting the distribution of Terranigma again. If you loved this job, want to play the game or are simply interested and haven’t had the opportunity before, help us. Thank you for your subscription,” says the message posted by a user known as kisatoandworld.

It is worth remembering, Terranigma is part of the trilogy of games that has Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia in its pack, being the target of this petition the title that closes the whole story. Are you interested in seeing something about the game again? Support and add your signature to this petition (just click on the tweet above and then on the link at the end of the message).


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