Original Sin corrects Ezra’s crude aria and novel from “Pretty Liars”


“Pretty Liars: Original Sin” relied on the horrors the original show flirted with, but never really delved into, like the rough relationship between Aria and Ezra. The scandalous affair involved a minor Aria and a mature Ezra, who should have known better. The reboot of HBO’s Original Sin Max seems to have learned the lessons from the parent show and applied them. When a new generation of “Cute Liars” fights a dangerous villain, they fix Aria and Ezra’s terrible love situation, creating a parallel situation with Tabitha and Wes.

Wes, Tabby’s creepy movie theater manager, shows clear signs of grooming himself, like Ezra in “Pretty Liars.” In episode 1, “Pretty Liars: Original Sin,” Wes gives Tabby a ride home and tries to approach her in the process. Fortunately, his flirtations are interrupted by the notorious “A”, timely intervention. However, this raises the question of why such interference never occurred during Aria and Ezra’s controversial relationship in Freeform’s “Pretty Liars.”

Although there is Wes in the reboot of “Sweet Liars” in “Original Sin”, he is treated very differently than Ezra from “Sweet Liars”. Wes describes Tabitha as an adult for her age, calls her special and tries to leave her alone in her apartment and car, however, she acted wisely, avoiding a potentially catastrophic situation. Instead of repeating the situation with Aria and Ezra, Tabby uses Wes to get the flash drive before dumping him because she clearly doesn’t like this situation.

Original Sin Correctly Avoids the PLL Controversy

The TV series “Cute Liars” makes up most of the childhood of many generations of Z. From his riddles to relationships and iconic outfits, it’s hard not to notice the cultural significance of the show. However, not all of the show’s impact has been positive, as “Pretty Liars” has its share of problematic storylines that “Pretty Liars: Original Sin” is beginning to fix. First, the predatory relationship between Aria and her teacher Ezra was heavily romanticized into “Pretty Liars” without receiving any of the criticism they were supposed to be subjected to.

The controversial storyline was compounded by the fact that the main audience of the show were impressionable middle and high school students who could easily believe that Aria and Ezra’s relationship was fine, and not that they were taking care of themselves. “Original Sin” seems set up to avoid the potential controversy surrounding “Cute Liars” by writing its storyline in accordance with modern standards of morality. Although Ezra’s predatory behavior was considered normal, even romantic, in “Pretty Liars: Original Sin” it was finally framed as inappropriate and problematic, as it should have been from the very beginning.

First, “Original Sin” doesn’t sexualize Wes like his predecessor Ezra did, with shirtless scenes, a flirty grin, and romantic music. Rather, for each of Wes’s achievements, Tabby is clearly wary and deliberately creates a space between them, making it clear to the audience that such behavior is unacceptable. This update of the reboot of “Cute Liars” is necessary to show the danger of romanticizing toxic and predatory relationships. This major twist in the Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin storyline put an end to the constant use of inappropriate relationships in the PLL universe, demonstrating the growth of the show.


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