Original series drastically denies Mr. George about Georgie


While Mary, Meemaw, and Missy visited Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, Georgie only appeared before getting married, where it was revealed that he had become a successful businessman.

The Big Bang Theory effectively proves Mr. George wrong in Young Sheldon’s latest episode titled, An Existential Crisis and a Bubbler, where he had a conflict with his firstborn.

Georgie has always shown a penchant for business as seen in Young Sheldon, it turned out to be a great idea, contrary to what his father thought. When he finally appeared on The Big Bang Theory, it was revealed that he owned the largest tire retailer in Texas.

In addition to being successful on his account, this was also a great help to the Coopers after Mr. George died. While Mary has also been working, Patriarch Cooper was the family’s main income generator.

While Sheldon was always ready to succeed because of his traditional intelligence, Georgie’s natural inclination for business and finance was as remarkable as her brother’s Nobel Prize in Physics in The Big Bang Theory.

As mentioned during his intense discussion with Sheldon just before marrying Amy in The Big Bang Theory, he had to build Mr. Tire on his own with very little help from his parents.


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