Original Predator Actor Responds to Prey on Hulu


The fifth installment of the Predator series, Prey takes the sci-fi horror film franchise back in time, placing the action years before the events of its predecessors. The new release, which is currently among the best films on Hulu, has been highly praised by critics — in the center of all this is the star of the film Amber Midtander. Now one particular actor from the original 1987 film has shared some thoughts about the production, and he hasn’t held back.

Fans of “Predator” will most likely remember Bill Duke as Sergeant “Mac” Eliot, who was part of a private military team chasing a titled technologically advanced alien. In a tweet, the 79-year-old actor and director praised the Hulu action movie and welcomed actress Amber Midtander into the franchise family.:

Have you watched #PreyMovie on @hulu, if not, watch it. It’s an amazing movie, and @AmberMidthunder is just phenomenal. This young woman has a brilliant career ahead of her. As @GovJVentura mentioned… welcome to the #Predator family. “I see you.” #Success #Blessings pic.twitter.com/mFxiVLYGAGA9 August 2022

Prey focuses on the Comanche nation in 1719, when an experienced young warrior defends his tribe from a highly developed human predator that kills people for fun. A real-life member of the Fort Peck Sioux tribe, Amber Midtander was perfect for the lead role of Naru, but of course her legacy alone didn’t make her the right choice. When Midthunder auditioned, director Dan Trachtenberg felt that she had an amazing ability to talk so much with so little dialogue and could convey the weight of the narrative through her physical form. Arnold Schwarzenegger may have kicked ass as the leader of the original film, but Naru also overcomes sexism in her tribe while she gets involved with a dangerous creature threatening her home. This adds another interesting layer to her story.

As already mentioned, Bill Duke is far from the only person who praises the graduate of Roswell, New Mexico, and the film itself. Critics don’t stop talking about Amber Midtaner. CinemaBlend’s Prey review also praised the actress and noted the convincing evolution of the character throughout the film. Other critics felt that Midtander did an excellent job with her stunt work and gave her character a high level of credibility. Although the Native American actress may not be new to the industry, it looks like this movie will really make her famous.

Currently, the film has 92% of critics’ ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and 81% of viewers’ ratings. The social media reaction to the new Predator movie has also been incredibly positive. Many took to Twitter and called it the best in the series, and some even said that it surpassed the original. Many especially liked the primitive action sequences and convincing characters. And, of course, many people agreed that it was a strong performance for the main character.

If an actor from the original Predator movie had given us his word that Predator was a must-see, I would have said it was worth watching. You can watch the epic prequel, which Bill Duke calls “phenomenal,” using a Hulu subscription.


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