Original iPhone Fights iPhone 12 In Speed Test


iPhone: The YouTube channel known as PhoneBuff did a very unusual experiment. He has paired an original iPhone and 2G, introduced and released by Apple in 2007, to “fight” in terms of performance with the iPhone 12, announced in September 2020.

As a joke, the two cell phones turned on a timer and performed the same operations in certain applications. The procedure involves taking a photo, doing a calculation, and opening tools such as maps, the browser, and the App Store.

The beginning of the duel even has the technical specifications of the devices: the oldest one has a single-core processor, a screen that wasn’t even HD and 128 MB of RAM, against 4 GB of RAM, a 3 GHz chip made by itself company and screen with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels.

Check the result below:

The difference is obvious, as it’s been 14 years separating the devices, and the iPhone 12 wins in terms of interface and speed of operations.

Especially in the browser and in the app store, the distance is even more glaring: the newer model finished the circuit with 1 minute spiked, while the old one took 2 and a half minutes.

Why do this?

According to the makers, the objective of the experiment is more to quench this curiosity and show exactly how much the current model is in front of Apple’s first cell phone.

PhoneBuff also detailed how the tests were done. Only apps that were found on both devices were used and, because they were pre-installed, the programs run more naturally in both cases — that is, with services downloaded, the difference can be even more striking.

To perform the test, a robotic arm was used in a controlled environment, which also had temperature monitoring.


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