Origin Protocol (OGN) Gained 100 Percent in a Day


Origin Protocol (OGN) Gained 100 Percent in a Day. Origin Protocol quickly began to appreciate after the listing news from Huobi .

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi released an announcement today in the morning. Huobi announced that he would list a coin for the first time in months, and this would be the Origin Protocol (OGN).


If we don’t count HIVE (Steem hard fork), we can say that Huobi has not added any new cryptocurrencies to the stock market since November 2019. Huobi finally ended this months of silence and added another coin to the stock market. This move of Huobi benefited Origin Protocol and Origin Protocol investors.

Gained 100 Percent

Origin Protocol announced that it had partnered with Crypto.com a few days ago . However, this announcement of OGN did not have a great impact in the crypto money community. However, OGN quickly took action after the Huobi announcement.

Today, OGN, which ranged between $ 0.20-0.30 in the morning hours, has increased to $ 0.45 as of now. With a market value of $ 32 million, OGN has a volume of $ 114.8 million. We can say that this volume started to grow especially after the transactions in Huobi (around 14:00).


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