Oribe Peralta, the hated player of Mexico


The National Classic between America and Chivas left a lot of controversy around them, beyond the result and the arbitration decisions, the fans of the Flock had to endure mockery from their staunch rivals and worse still, those of their own players.

After the 1-0 defeat, in a match in which Guadalajara was inoperative in the attack, television images captured Oribe Peralta and Uriel Antuna talking with some elements of América, which would seem normal, but the fans exploded when see both players laughing relaxed, while “El Brujo” exchanged shirts.

Faced with criticism, Oribe Peralta spoke on social media, clarifying that he is a professional who defends Chivas and sent a message of peace, especially in these difficult times in the world, leaving the rivalry only on the field.

The fans were divided, since although many supported what Oribe said, others did not support that the footballer had this action considering that he disrespects the club, especially since since his arrival at Chivas he has only scored two goals, It has not helped the team to transcend and above, it comes from America.

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