Oribe defended Peralta after the drama in El Clásico


Oribe Peralta is the man most mentioned at this time in Mexican football after what happened last Saturday after the National Classic, being widely criticized for joking and laughing with America players when Chivas had just lost (1-0) the match.

Everything got worse when the “Brush” tried to justify what had happened by giving a message of camaraderie and peace, which came out but because the fans did not forgive him and continued to attack him.

After the scandal, América coach Miguel Herrera gave his point of view about what happened and surprised by defending the forward.

“Oribe spent five years in America, he gets along well with everyone; He was on the National Team with several of them and the guys are looking for him, ”he declared in an interview with ESPN.

Although the “Piojo” justified Oribe’s action, he also criticized the footballers for not keeping the forms so that the fans would not exploit and take the meeting and especially the exchange of shirts badly.

“So that people wouldn’t bother; I do think that it should have been done elsewhere, “he said.


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