Organizing Special Airdrop for Doctors

The total number of coronavirus cases worldwide has exceeded 1 million, and almost every country is trying to control this virus. In this common struggle, health professionals are putting themselves in direct danger.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took a new decision to support doctors who risk their health across the country. The Maduro administration will organize a Petro airdrop for each doctor in the country.

A Petro for Everyone
The number of coronavirus cases in Venezuela is now close to 200. The first death from the coronavirus occurred in the country only a few days ago. Although the spread of coronavirus in Venezuela is not as fast as in the USA or China, the government has already decided to suspend education and close many businesses.

In this process, the Maduro administration is organizing a special airdrop for doctors who fight the Coronavirus and put their health at risk. According to the government’s statements, 1 (one) Petro will be distributed to each doctor in the country. This airdrop will be organized again on the platform called Patria System developed by the government.

Is it enough?
Currently, the minimum salary in Venezuela is just over $ 3. The price of one Petro varies between 20-25 dollars. In other words, one Petro can be seen as a great reward in Venezuela. But is this “prize” really enough?

This airdrop, organized by the Maduro administration, is of course an indication of the support given to doctors. But according to some sources, doctors in Venezuela have different problems right now. Lack of equipment is at the top of these troubles. Health care workers in Venezuela, like many countries in the world, complain about poor equipment.

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People also seem not to be pleased that this support is being done with Petro. Although some citizens support this move of President Maduro;

Some users emphasize that they have not been “paid” and that Petro’s digital currency, in other words Venezuela, has not been accepted anywhere other than Venezuela.

Some citizens are uncomfortable that this gesture only covers doctors. A social media user thinks that this airdrop should also include nurses and other healthcare professionals.



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