Organize your Spotify songs with its new filters


If you have Spotify you will know that you have a large library of songs that you can consult at any time. And by this we mean that you can find at any time a song that accompanies you and that you have registered in your favorites list. But finally the application makes things easy for you thanks to the fact that you can use the new Spotify filters to catalog your songs by mood and genre.

Two new ways to catalog your songs on Spotify

If you are one of those who had a stereo, discman or walkman you will know that it was impossible to modify the content of the songs in the physical reading format. It was not with the arrival of the first MP3s that it was possible to give different properties to audio files or even to attribute new ones to catalog them.

But this feature is not present in some of the modern applications that you can use to listen to music such as Spotify. And it is that the most popular app for listening to music finally has a new filter system. In essence, it is a very simple system that the application already needed in the section of the songs that you save in your list.

Finally, the music app will let you use a system to put only those songs that match genre or even mood. Yes, many applications already have the first division as something predefined, but the second is somewhat more current and the only way to catalog them was by creating a playlist with each sensation, although this is more subjective.

You must bear in mind that it is necessary that there be a minimum of songs in the playlist. Specifically, you must have 30 songs in that playlist if you want to enjoy the benefits of this new Spotify function, otherwise there will be no filters to use.

For now, only in English-speaking countries

Surely you are waiting for Spotify to release this new filter to catalog your songs by genre. However, there is a small downside and that is that the application update will take time to reach the different countries of the world. For now, only those who speak English, such as England, the United States or Canada, are the first to have access.


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