Ordinances In Animal Crossing New Horizons; How To Change Them


Animal Crossing New Horizons: We tell you what the Animal Crossing New Horizons (2.0.0) ordinances are and how you can change them to direct the island and the behavior of the neighbors. Animal Crossing New Horizons update 2.0.0 has brought a number of new features to the game, including various features and more that were available in previous games in the series. These include Figaro’s Cafeteria or the Gyroids, but also the ordinances that we are dealing with in this piece of the complete guide to the game. It is a series of instructions that we can give to the neighbors of our town so that they adapt to our schedules and preferences: that they wake up earlier or later, that the locals change their opening hours slightly … theme so that you know the options that you have in your hand.

How to change the ordinances of our island

In order to change the ordinances of our island in Animal Crossing New Horizons we will have to make sure we have the 2.0.0 update installed, since it is a function available only after this patch. Once we have this we can go to the Town Hall to speak with Canela at the right desk. There we will have to select the option of “Insular Directives” and after that we can find the one of “Ordinances”. It is worth mentioning that it will cost us 20,000 berries to make or change any of these orders, so we will have to pay that amount every time we change our mind,

Complete List of Ordinances in Animal Crossing

Like a whistle: this ordinance protects the environment of the island by ensuring that there are more flowers and less weeds or garbage. Even so, we can end up losing control of the amount of flowers, already abundant in the game.
Get up early: With this ordinance, residents will be more active in the mornings and stores will open earlier. The ideal option if we prefer to play at early times.
Nightlife: with it, stores will be open later so that everyone has time to do their shopping. Likewise, residents will also go to bed later to encourage nightlife.
Berries in abundance: this ordinance will increase the cost of goods but will also boost the local economy by making the sales we make provide more berries. Ideal temporarily if we want to increase the number of berries that we obtain when selling our products in the store.