Order on Facebook hurts Apple in privacy


The worldwide “shack” starring Apple and Facebook in recent months seems to have reached its boiling point with the controversial issue of privacy, in which Apple does not give up iOS’s new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, taking Mark Zuckerberg to urge his team members to “inflict pain on Apple” according to a report on Saturday (13) by the Wall Street Journal.

The ATT feature, already present in the beta version of iOS 14.5, requires that all applications ask permission from users to be able to track them both on websites and in the apps themselves. The tension has already led Facebook to run full-page ads in American newspapers, openly criticizing Apple.

Complaints and processes

It got so tense, that the CEO’s of the two giants were already one step away from “going out on the arm”, although a Facebook spokesman refuted the idea of ​​a personal fight with the American newspaper. What is at stake, according to the member of the Menlo Park company, is the “future of the free internet” itself.

Basically, Facebook says that this story of protecting user privacy is Apple’s hypocrisy, since its privacy features “are not aimed at preserving user privacy, but rather at increasing [Apple’s own] profit.” And he guarantees that Facebook will join other companies to denounce this “preferential and anti-competitive behavior”.

At the moment, Facebook is following changes to Apple’s privacy policy regarding ad tracking. Behind the scenes, however, in addition to the “incitement to pain”, the social mega network is preparing an antitrust lawsuit against the Cupertino company, to report alleged abuses in the App Store rules.

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