Oracle ONE Brings Free Technology Education To Brazil


Oracle: Technology company Oracle today (09) announced a major expansion to the Oracle Next Education (ONE) training program, which offers education courses aimed at the technology market. In addition to training for low-income young people, the initiative also has the differential of bringing students closer to the job market.

Launched in 2019 exclusively in Brazil, ONE will now be available throughout Latin America. According to Rodrigo Galvão, senior vice president of Tech at Oracle for the region, the project was quite successful in the country and, thanks to that, the company invested to expand its reach.

In addition to territorial expansion, the company intends to considerably increase the number of vacancies offered by the initiative. While the debut version of the program managed to graduate around 4,500 students, the company wants to reach 40,000 talents impacted by ONE by the end of 2022.

This will be possible thanks to a partnership between Oracle and other companies, which will help to employ graduates and leverage the project. According to the company, for each contract signed with a student of the Oracle ONE program, five new training places will be offered.

Courses offered

Oracle ONE will offer 8 thousand vacancies in Latin America, but the number could be fivefold with the success of the endeavor. In Brazil, the new phase of the program begins by offering around 2,840 opportunities — ONE will also be present in places like Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia, with at least 240 vacancies per country.

Oracle ONE will deliver educational content that encompasses diverse technology and market concepts in a six-month program. With more than 300 hours of workload, the project now has fixed classes that will have classes in programming logic, front-end, Java Jr., entrepreneurship and more content.

The initiative also received MySQL content in OCI, python for data science and first steps with Infra. To encourage students, the program will feature weekly deliveries and challenges involving the study areas.

The project also has the support and participation of several companies, which can hire ONE students. Companies participating in ONE include Bayer, Brain and Infinity.