OPPO X 2021 phone with extended screen introduced


Oppo introduced it at the Inno Day 2020 event, which showed the Oppo X 2021 concept phone with an in-screen selfie camera that extends the screen with an AR glasses. OPPO, which comes across as a concept design, is quite ambitious with the foldable phone it introduces.

OPPO X 2021 concept phone with extended screen introduced

OPPO X 2021, the newest success of OPPO R&D in the field of flexible display, offers users a more natural interactive experience with the rollable screen concept. This concept device uses three unique technologies OPPO has, such as the Roll Engine powertrain, the two-in-one plate that supports the screen without gaps between sections, and the Warp Track high-strength screen layer (0.1 mm). It enables an OLED display that can be expanded to 6.7 inches (17.01 cm) in the smallest dimensions and 7.4 inches (17.89 cm) in the largest sizes. Thus, users can adjust the screen size according to their own needs.

The powertrain consists of two motors that create a constant force to open the device evenly and ensure that the screen is not damaged during operation. It also offers the freedom to open the screen as much as you want, unlike foldable smartphones that only have two states (folded and unfolded).

Despite this rolling mechanism, there is no bending or visible folding area on the screen on the device. To achieve this, OPPO engineers designed a bed with a 6.8mm curved slider on the screen side.

Since the rotatable display on the OPPO X 2021 is not as rigid as conventional displays, OPPO has also designed an innovative 2-in-1 plate display support technology that supports the display from the inside on both sides.

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As you can see in the attached picture, this plate has a comb-like structure that effectively supports the display. When the device is turned off, the plates form a single surface to support the screen. As the device extends, one of the plates slides out to support the screen without leaving any gaps. This mechanism can keep the screen smooth even when turned on.

Ekranı uzayan telefon OPPO X 2021

To protect the sliding mechanism from behind, OPPO has developed a dynamic frame consisting of an outer fixed frame and a sliding frame inside. When the screen is turned on, the sliding frame and the back battery cover come off the back panel to better protect the interior.

The technologies mentioned above in OPPO X 2021 provide only superficial information for the development process of the concept smartphone. OPPO announced that it filed 122 patent applications during the development of the foldable phone.


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