Oppo X 2021: phone with expandable display from Oppo


Oppo is quite bold in trying new things in smartphone design. The company included a rotating camera system in the Oppo N1 model in 2013. The Chinese manufacturer also switched to a slide camera system in 2018 to get rid of the screen notch in Find X. Oppo also says hello to expandable screen technology with its new concept phone called X 2021.

This screen, as the name suggests, does not have a fixed size. However, the size of the screen can be set to 6.7 or 7.4 inches. It is stated that this technology can give new opportunities to both users and developers. Oppo shows as an example that clicking a video link can automatically adjust the aspect ratio of the screen to the video.

The screen measures 6.7 inches in its standard form. This OLED panel has a very durable display layer that Oppo calls Warp Track. This layer, located just below the actual screen, is 0.1 mm at its thickest point. thick. Although it does not give clear information about the main material in the outer layer, it seems likely that plastic was preferred.

Thanks to the double motor under the screen, it prevents a trace on the screen during expansion or contraction. Currently, efforts are being made to solve the problem of traces on the screen on many foldable phones. Motors can widen or shrink the screen by applying equal power to both sides.

The screen frame of the Oppo X 2021 is also dynamic. The screen is surrounded by a fixed bezel as well as a movable bezel placed at the top. The 2-in-1 plate design prevents the screen from breaking, thanks to the metal support layers under the panel.

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Oppo X 2021 is a concept device that we mentioned above. It seems unlikely that the smartphone will hit the market in its current form. However, it can be easily said that Oppo will benefit from the basic screen technology on other devices.


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