Oppo will release ECG version of its smartwatch


Oppo Watch ECG will hit the rest of the world on September 24 after it launched in China six long months ago

The brand of Chinese origin, Oppo continues to be a favorite for consumers as it has dedicated itself to selling good quality products at a reasonable price, not counting the advanced technological load of its devices, which include the very popular smartwatch.

It must be remembered that Oppo launched the Oppo Watch for the Chinese market since March and this device finally found its way to international markets shortly after, however there was one thing that was missing in the global version compared to its Chinese counterpart. , ECG functionality.

The long-awaited ECG version of the wearable is already on its way and the announcement was made that it will be launched on the market on September 24, although the installed hardware has already been tested, the function must pass the corresponding certifications in several countries of the world to be used.

Oppo Watch ECG will reach more countries

Examples are both the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch3, both of which come with ECG, but the function can only be used in selected countries where the authorities gave their approval.

According to what Oppo has stated, the Watch ECG Edition has already obtained FDA approval in the United States, something that neither Apple nor Samsung had for their devices at first and only obtained FDA permission to use the ECG function months later. of the launch.

This statement predicts that the Oppo Watch ECG will have the ease that many other devices have not had when trying to launch with all its functions, however, it is enough to see that it is true and that it is fully functional, as it happens with the Chinese version of the smartwatch.

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For now, all that remains is to wait for the Oppo smartwatch to start being officially sold in the rest of the world in a few days.


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