Oppo will also launch a smart item tracking device


Gadgets called smart tags and used to find lost items and accessories are very popular right now. Samsung announced its own item tracker when promoting its Galaxy S21 smartphone lineup. There have been rumors about Apple’s similar devices AirTags for so long that we all think that this product can be announced at any time. Oppo seems to be working on a similar product. Because a recent patent shows that the Chinese company is in the advanced stages of working on a new smart tag.

The patent application was filed in May 2020, but details were published this week. Based on these patent applications, LetsGoDigital has roughly created visuals of what the smart item tracking device will look like. This is not a very exciting design. However, we can say that most smart tag devices look almost the same as each other, although Tile differs with some color options.

The dimensions of the sticker are not entirely clear, but you can assume it will be similar to that of a Samsung device with 4 cm on each side. In addition, it is not known with which devices the label will be compatible. SmartTag for example only works with Galaxy devices. Similarly, Oppo may limit the item tracking tag to its own phones.

Regardless, the expectation is that Oppo will be able to remove this accessory with the introduction of the anticipated smartphone Find X3. It seems that the anticipated launch of Find X3 will take place in March. Therefore, we won’t wait long to see if the Oppo smart tag is genuine.


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