Oppo Watch, WearOS and Snapdragon chip


Today (31) Oppo launched the Oppo Watch smart watch globally with the WearOS operating system. The company’s first smartwatch was already available in China, but it used a custom OS made by the manufacturer.

The presence of the Google operating system is the main novelty for the international version of the watch. With this, users have access to the company’s services right on their wrist, including apps available on the Play Store and that work on wearables.

On the outside, the Oppo smartwatch maintains the design that resembles the Apple Watch. As in China, the company launched the device globally in two versions: the larger edition features a 1.91 ” AMOLED screen, while the compact model features a 1.6 ” display.

Qualcomm processor

Oppo’s first smart watch also comes with a Snapdragon 3100 Wear processor, Qualcomm’s model designed for wearable devices. Oppo Watch also has an Ambiq Micro Apollo 3 chip, which comes into play when the product is being used in energy saving mode.

Featuring water resistance, sport monitoring and a heart rate sensor, the Oppo Watch comes with two battery management modes. While “Smart” use delivers up to 36 hours of use, it is possible to achieve a range of 14 to 21 days with “Power Save” activated.

The product also has a fast recharge. According to the manufacturer, the Oppo Watch’s magnetic connector can power 46% of the power source in 15 minutes, in the 1.9 ” edition of the watch. For the smaller version, the same time in the socket yields 30% of battery.

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Pricing and availability

Oppo Watch is now available in pre-order now in Europe and also in India. Watch deliveries begin in mid-August.

The 1.91 ” version is available in black and gold for 19,990 rupees, about R $ 1,385 in direct conversion to our currency. The 1.6 ” edition can be purchased in black, silver and gold for 14,990 rupees, approximately R $ 1,039.


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