Oppo started to share future innovations with Find X3


Oppo has already announced a new system that it will present with the Find X3 series, which will be released next year. The “full path” expression in the name of this feature called “Full Path Color Management System”; that means the system covers everything from capturing images to displaying them in 10-bit color depth and the DCI-P3 color gamut.

The journey of an image begins with its capture. While making changes to Oppo’s algorithms and hardware to keep the photo true; On the one hand, it will offer features such as multiple noise reduction, distortion correction and perceptual extreme super resolution.

Another interesting new development Oppo announced was Digital Overlap (DOL) support for HDR sensors. Sony has also been working on the feature for two years. Unlike standard HDR, DOL will capture multiple exposures simultaneously. Thus, there will be no need for correction for moving objects.

oppo find x3

Photos are stored in HEIF format after they are taken. This format supports 10-bit color depth. 10-bit visuals stand out with their smoother gradients.

Oppo will also apply a special screen calibration procedure when showing photos. In this way, the accuracy of the screens can be reduced to 0.4 JNCD. Changes were made in the algorithms to bring the color gamut of the images to match the color gamut of the screen.

The Oppo Find X3 series, in which the new system will be used, will become official next year. A camera hardware with powerful features is expected to accompany the new system.


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