Oppo: ‘Smart Monocle’ Even Has A Real-Time Translator


Oppo: The manufacturer Oppo presented this Tuesday (14) the Air Glass, a wearable device called “Reality Assisted Device (aR)”. The announcement is part of Oppo Inno Day 2021, an event that marks the launch of the company’s latest generation devices and concepts.

Basically, the device is a monocle that can be attached to one of the common spectacle lenses, being able to reproduce contents on the screen. This information includes weather forecast, navigation routes, calendar and other data, displayed based on pairing with cell phones or watches.

Even a speech teleprompter and a translator can be used, displaying the text in real time and already in your language.

Quite reminiscent of Google Glass, a smart glasses project from the past decade that did not get popularized on the market, Air Glass uses a projection system developed by Oppo itself. Spark Micro Projector displays 2D content in front of you, with a transparency that doesn’t affect the field of view, while ensuring good resolution for what is shown.

Navigation is varied, based on gestures, voice commands or touch on the side of the device, with quick responses on the Micro LED screen. The processor is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform.