Oppo Shows Off Water Resistant Retractable Camera For Cell Phones


Oppo: Between December 14 and 15, Chinese manufacturer Oppo will hold the Inno Day event, where it should present some of its future innovations. To create public anticipation, the company has already exhibited a retractable camera concept that protrudes from the back of a cell phone. The event, which takes place in China, should also bring other concepts and products that are not yet commercial.

In a video posted on Twitter on Tuesday (7), the brand shows a cell phone with the set of cameras that bring the retractable sensor. In short, it physically moves (in or out) of the region it is located and can create different effects for photographs and/or footage. One of them, possibly the main one, may add more optical zoom capabilities to cell phones.

Despite the few details, since the cell phone shown in the publication may only be a test product, some points can be observed. It is shown, at one point, that the retractable camera can move even when the device is getting wet. Under these conditions, this could be a useful solution for camera models of this type — such as the pop-up ones, for example — but with the differential of water resistance.

In the video details, it is still possible to observe some information about the sensor in question. It would be 1/1.56 inch in size with a focal length of 50mm and an f/2.4 aperture on the lens. It is unclear, however, whether other sensors can also benefit from the same technology in future devices.