Oppo shows extendable cell phone, but not foldable


Foldable cell phones give the customer an expandable screen – but with the indefectible crease in the middle. Oppo made magic with a conceptual model in which the screen increases and decreases, without folds: the Oppo X 2021. Revealed at the Inno Day 2020 event itself, the cell phone follows another path for extensible displays than the fold model adopted by other manufacturers such as Samsung.

Using a motorized system, the new phone from the Chinese manufacturer increases its OLED screen from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches, all it takes is to slide your finger along the side of the phone – the screen can be fractionated, that is, the user wants (so the smartphone’s motto is “continuously variable”).

The menus presented on the screen and the way of display also alternate, as the display changes in size.

When retracted, the screen extension is hidden inside the smartphone.

Journalists who were able to try the device during the event in the Chinese city of Shenzhen noted that the back of the phone is well designed, with the junction between the two parts of the phone made smoothly and diagonally, giving the Oppo X 2021 a modern look .


According to the manufacturer, the “magic” happens thanks to a system that joins a motorized bearing and an OLED panel (at least, a good part of it) laminated to a more resistant warp track – this allows the screen to roll from its hiding place , expand and then fold, as it collects on the back of the phone, without breaking. The cell phone itself has a two-in-one body: the two parts extend together and together to give structured support to the screen.

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Oppo registered 122 patents (10% for the scroll system) for this project. According to the company’s vice president and head of the OPPO Research Institute, Levin Liu, the conceptual smartphone has no date to be released: “We will deliver this technology to consumers at the right time”.


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