OPPO Receives a Phone Patent with a Side-Opening Camera


OPPO, which is generally known for obtaining new phone patents, has patented a new design. The OPPO patented design features an unusual pop-up camera.

China-based smartphone manufacturer OPPO, the middle and upper segment of the sector with the smart phone, but the company is also known for new and interesting smart phone designs. OPPO has patented a new phone, as shown in the database of the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration. The design of the smartphone in this patent is a feature that has never been seen before.

Pop-up cameras, also known as slides, were actually a feature we saw in many smartphone models that were introduced before. Thanks to the pop-up cameras, the front cameras were hidden inside the phone, and when the camera application was opened, the front camera came out from the top of the phone. OPPO has patented the smartphone, which has placed this feature in a different way.

OPPO takes the pop-up camera to the side of the phone.


OPPO’s patent for the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration has revealed the design and new feature of the phone. The images do not have any notches or cameras on the screen of the smartphone, so the screen is clean. At first glance, we see that the smartphone has a pop-up camera.

While the pop-up cameras usually come from the top of the phone, OPPO has chosen to carry the camera to the side. This means that in contrast to the general design of the new OPPO, the camera will come out of the phone. The patents obtained from the Chinese National Intellectual Property Office contain other details. The images show that the device has a USB-C port and a 3.5 mm jack connector. Whether OPPO will produce a smartphone with this design is not yet known.

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