Oppo presents X 2021, a rotatable mobile


Last year was the year of the first flexible smartphones, the year in which the technology was released that is going to mean the next great evolutionary leap in the history of Mobile Telephony since the arrival of the first iPhone. But for now, folding screens has yet to be developed, it still has to be standardized and massively adopted. And although there are already flexible mobiles on the market, none like the one Oppo has presented.

Oppo X 2021

The Chinese mobile brand held the second edition of its annual Inno Day 2020 event on Tuesday, where it shared its vision for the future, based on the ‘3 + N + X’ strategy, and showed new products, including a new generation of augmented reality glasses and a roll-up screen smartphone concept

What we see in the flexible smartphone market today are phones with a design that folds and opens on an axis or two, like a portfolio or brochure. What Oppo has presented in its conceptual mobile X 2021 is a variant in which we have a terminal that can go from one screen size to another, but without having to open or close, but rather expanding and contracting.

A mobile that unwinds

Everything revolves around its “continuously variable OLED screen”: With a simple touch of a button, the phone can transform between a normal size of 6.7 inches and a size similar to that of a 7.4 ” tablet, expanding or contracting without the need to implement hinges in its design, but by rolling or unrolling the screen.

And the best thing is that you do not have to choose between two sizes, but between the 6.7 “and 7.4” brands you can adjust the screen to the size you want, for example 7 inches. In turn, the software interface is adapted accordingly for an optimal experience, whether for one-handed use or multi-tasking.

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How does it work? According to websites such as Engadget, who have been able to see it live, the terminal is basically like a motorized parchment, with a large part of the OLED panel laminated in a curved track to improve resistance, since it goes around a motor that winds the screen with a diameter of 6.8mm on the left to slip into a hidden compartment. The phone itself consists of a “2-in-1 Plate” body construction – these two parts unfold simultaneously and evenly for better structural support.



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