Oppo prepares to showcase its folding screen phone


Oppo will hold its traditional event called Inno Day on November 17 this year. The Chinese manufacturer shares its latest innovations with the public at this event. Oppo, which announced the front camera built into the screen last year, is expected to announce a 125W fast charging phone this year.

It is seen that Oppo will also exhibit a concept phone with a folding screen at this event. The signal for this announcement was made in a post on China’s popular social network Weibo.

In the visual in question, it is not possible to get a clue as to how the screen is curved and unfolded. However, considering the examples exhibited by some companies such as LG so far, it can be said that Oppo’s folding screen will create excitement. In the related post, the use of the phrase “Your phone will open freely in the future” indicates that the folding screen will be announced.

oppo inno day

The Oppo Inno Day 2020 event will start on November 17th.


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