Oppo could take Huawei’s place in the sector


Oppo may be the next Chinese giant to enter the mobile processor market on its own. According to Nikkei Asian Review, the company is working to build a reputation in the sector and, who knows, become a world reference in the area while one of its rivals is weakened.

The company recently hired some semiconductor veterans from places like Mediatek, UNISOC and even Xiaomi, with the goal of developing its own smartphone chips. Apparently, names that have already integrated Qualcomm and HiSilicon frames would also be in the crosshairs.

Oppo’s idea is to reduce dependence on third-party suppliers and control chip manufacturing, more or less as Samsung, Apple and Huawei already do. However, removing an entire division dedicated to it can take several years and cost the company a lot of money.

Enjoy the moment

Oppo’s desire to become a reference in the processor market is not so recent, but it may accelerate the process because of the delicate situation of the Chinese company, Huawei. In a commercial fight against the United States a year ago, the manufacturer is experiencing difficulties not only for the ban on the use of the Android ecosystem, but also for the termination of the partnership with TSMC, which was essential in the production of chips of the Kirin family and ended because of pressure from the Americans.

Oppo currently uses Qualcomm and MediaTek chips in the devices and wants to increase market share in Europe.

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