Oppo Introduces Prototype Phone Using Embedded Camera


Oppo Introduces Prototype Phone Using Embedded Camera. The idea of ​​a front camera embedded under the display panel, which has long been the subject of theories, finally comes true. Oppo introduced a smartphone with a camera embedded under the screen.

One of the most basic uses of smartphones is to take selfies. The position of the front cameras on the screen has become a problem in recent years. Some companies simply put holes in the camera, while others solve the problem with drop-shaped notches. Recently, mechanically opened cameras have been added to these solutions.

The idea of ​​producing cameras that have been hidden under the display panel since the very beginning of the process was also on the agenda, and even some companies such as Samsung claimed to have patented such technologies. Perhaps the first example we can hold is from Oppo.

Oppo’s Inno Day, which was held in Shenzhen, China, introduced the phone with a front camera hidden under a small frame at the top of the screen. This interesting technology wasn’t the only interesting thing about the anonymous device, it didn’t have any physical input or keys. There were only holes in the microphone section.

This is not the first time we’ve seen phones without a port. It is even said that Apple will launch an iPhone designed in this way in the not too distant future. This seems a bit risky when it comes to wireless charging technologies, as the phones become dysfunctional while they are charging.

Pressure-sensitive power and volume buttons were used by HTC on the U12 + and received a lot of criticism. It is hard to say that this feature of Oppo will create a lot of excitement. The hidden camera on the screen is completely different. This technology is an important step for the fully screened front panel imagination.

Notch devices were an important step for the perfect phone dream, and Oppo had proven its worth with the OnePlus 7 Pro. If we can keep everything under the screen, there will be no need for cameras that turn on and off mechanically. As a result, pop-up cameras reduce the phone’s resistance to water and dust.

Oppo calls the embedded camera technology Perspective Panoramic Display and compares it with the first model that came out in the summer months. The part of the camera on the screen is minimized on this phone. When a dark background is used, the difference is hardly apparent.

This area of ​​the camera is not as annoying as the notches, although it is obvious on bright color display papers or when the backlight is turned on. With advancing technologies, this difference will become even less noticeable. In terms of image quality, the prototype is as good as its counterpart in the market.

Oppo representatives refrain from explaining when customers can actually buy such a device. The forecast is that we will see at least one of these phones in the period 2020-2021.

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