Oppo to Be the First Smartphone Brand to Support VoNR Audio Technology


Chinese smartphone maker Oppo and Swedish-based telecommunications giant Ericsson have taken a huge step towards 5G technology, the future of communication. Under the agreement between the two companies, Oppo will be the first smartphone brand to support Over New Radio (VoNR).

Thanks to 4G, which has been in our lives for a long time, we can make high quality phone calls using the VoLTE feature on our smartphones. Of course, VoLTE must be used on both phones to make these calls. Transmitting sound through 4G technology, VoLTE filters out background noise during a call. Thus, it enables you to have a good sound experience even in crowded and noisy environments.

As 5G networks and devices are slowly expanding, a new standard of communication will enter our lives: Voice over New Radio (VoNR). This technology, which will make video and voice calls over 5G, will offer a much better speaking experience compared to VoLTE.

Oppo to offer VoNR support thanks to an agreement with Ericsson
Chinese smartphone maker Oppo and Swedish telecommunication equipment manufacturer Ericsson have signed a very important cooperation in VoNR. Thanks to this partnership, Oppo phones using MediaTek’s Dimensity 1000L chips will be able to make VoNR calls when connected via Ericsson’s 5G NR SA network.

Saying that he successfully tested the chips using an independent 5G network provided by Ericsson, Oppo states that high-quality video and voice calls happen almost instantly at the touch of a button.

With VoNR, high-quality video and voice calls will take place instantly
Calls over VoNR promise to improve the sound quality of voice calls and the image quality of video calls, as well as to significantly reduce the gap between sending and receiving answers. Oppo says direct 5G VoNR communication will be safer than existing video conferencing solutions and people will not have to be trapped on platforms such as Zoom and Skype for video chats.

Currently, several major 5G chip makers are working on VoNR support, but the time to release these products remains unclear. Chinese technology giant Huawei announced last May that it successfully made the world’s first VoNR call using the 5G independent network and two commercial 5G phones.

Qualcomm promised that the third generation 5G modem Snapdragon X60 will support VoNR on devices that will be released after 2021. Last December, MediaTek and Ericsson reported that they successfully tested the VoNR feature with a smartphone company whose name they did not reveal. Today, we also learned that the company that was hiding was Oppo.


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