OPPO Find X2 and OnePlus 7T Wins Netflix’s HD and HDR Support


Updating the list of devices that support HD and HDR streaming quality, Netflix added OPPO’s Find X2 series and OnePlus’s 7T series. Thus, a total of 4 devices got Netflix’s HD and HDR streaming support.

Watching TV shows and movies can be the only way for many people to spend time when the whole world is closed home. Of course, one of the first names that come to mind in this regard is Netflix. The platform, where millions of people spend time, is the first choice of many people to watch high quality series and movies.

Watching high quality TV shows or movies on Netflix is ​​actually connected to your device instead of your internet. At this point, the device you use may have an HD or HDR display, but the device you use to watch HD or HDR quality production via Netflix must be certified by Netflix. Here, two devices of OnePlus and OPPO have finally received this approval.

OnePlus and OPPO devices got Netflix’s approval:
Although there are many Android devices that support Netflix’s HD playback today, there are very few devices that support HDR video playback. However, if you currently have the following OPPO or OnePlus model devices, you can now watch HD and HDR quality videos on Netflix:

OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T Pro
OPPO Find X2 (PDEM10, PEDT10, CPH2023)
OPPO Find X2 Pro (PDEM30, CPH2025)

With the updated list of Netflix, users who own these devices will be able to watch videos in both HD and HDR quality. Of course, in order to watch HDR quality videos on Netflix, your membership must be arranged accordingly. With the updated new list, Netflix now offers HDR and HD support to more mobile users.

To watch any production in HD quality with the device you use on Netflix, that device must have received the L1 certificate of Widevine DRM. However, the device that has the certificate must successfully pass Netflix’s own test. On the devices that pass the test, all the productions on Netflix can be watched in HD.

However, it is not guaranteed that an HD certified device will play HDR videos, because the device on which HDR video will be played must have an HDR screen. However, there is a separate certificate that HDR devices must also obtain. So HD and HDR certificates are completely independent from each other.


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