Oppo dethroned Samsung! Here are the results


Oppo signed smartphone models are spreading day by day. Two months ago, Huawei managed to get the title of “the world’s largest phone manufacturer” from Samsung. Samsung is now fighting for its regional leadership image.

Affordable smartphones produced by East Asian representatives have managed to change the consumption habits of many users. Now, the demand for devices manufactured by Chinese companies is quite high.

Oppo becomes the leader of Southeast Asia with its smartphone models

In the relevant report published by Counterpoint Research, the data prepared for Oppo and Samsung were confronted. Experts dealing with the Southeast Asian market have confirmed that Oppo has dethroned Samsung.

The statistics for the second quarter of this year and included in the report are quite interesting. Counterpoint Research announced Oppo’s market share at 20.3 percent. The South Korean technology giant fell to second place with a market share of 19.5 percent.

Vivo ranks third on the list with a market share of 17.9 percent. While Xiaomi is in the fourth place with 14 percent, when we look at the fifth place, realme with a market share of 12.8 percent greets us.

This is not the first time Samsung has lost its leadership in this market. Because Oppo took the leadership seat of Samsung in the first quarter of last year. Finally, let us state that the Southeast Asian market witnessed a 22 percent decrease in the second quarter of this year. During this period, a total of 24 million smartphones were sold.

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