Oppo Details New Camera Technologies for Brand Cell Phones


Taking advantage of Photography Day, celebrating August 19, Chinese manufacturer Oppo has officially announced a series of new technologies for mobile cameras that are expected to appear in future smartphones from the brand — and perhaps even from OnePlus, which is now integrated into the company.

One of the technologies is the algorithm that works on front cameras under the screen, allowing images to have better quality and reduce the effect of the panel that is in front of the sensor. The new generation of this equipment was recently demonstrated by Oppo.

Another highlight is an 85-200mm “continuous optical zoom” lens, an evolution of current periscopic models.

This component allows the approximation of elements with higher quality and at any focal length, without the need for resources such as cropping, algorithmic changes or digital zoom.

A new five-axis image stabilizer that works with the phone’s gyroscope will allow you to shoot with the tightest frame, even if you’re filming something in motion.

Finally, the new RGBW sensor uses subpixels in white to improve light capture by the shutter by 60%, which means images with more detail.

The first smartphones with some of these new features should be presented in the last months of 2021, according to Oppo.


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