Oppo to Continue Reno Ace Model as ‘Ace Series’


Chinese technology manufacturer Oppo will be presented to consumers with a new smartphone series. Oppo will separate the Reno Ace model from Reno and will only offer it to consumers as a new series called Ace.

Oppo, one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers recently, has managed to attract the attention of consumers in many countries. The company manages to stand out with its high-end smartphones and mid-segment devices. Now Oppo has announced that it has launched a new smartphone series within the company. The new series of the company will be called “Ace”. The company’s first phone in the Ace series is expected to be the upcoming “Ace 2”.

For a while, Oppo has been offering the phone series it named Reno Ace to consumers. In fact, consumers would soon meet a phone called “Reno Ace 2”. This phone will be named as Ace 2, not Reno Ace 2, with a new decision made by Oppo. In other words, Oppo will now make the Ace model it offers under the Reno series into a separate smartphone series.

According to Oppo’s Global Marketing President Brian Shen Yiren’s statements on Weibo, they are aware that Ace models are important for both consumers and the company. As a matter of fact, the Reno Ace model was talked a lot at the time of its launch with its 65 watt SuperVOOC fast charging support and 90 Hz display. Moreover, this phone was able to receive 90 percent of likes from more than 20 thousand consumers.

With the new decision, Oppo will have a total of 4 phone series, including Find, Reno and Ace, as well as the budget-friendly A series. It looks like the new Ace series will represent the company’s new high-end phones, and consumers will be able to experience new technologies from Oppo with the Ace series.


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