Oppo Announces True Wireless Charging Technology That Will Break Our Connections With Sockets


Oppo showed the new smartphone Ace Infinity for the first time with a video it shared and announced the new wireless charging technology FreeVOOC with the device. This wireless charging technology allows the phone to be charged wirelessly up to 10 meters away.

The smartphone industry has been in a great change in recent years. Technology manufacturers are developing new technology day by day and offering these technologies to consumers with new smartphone models. Now, one of the most popular names in the smartphone industry, Oppo seems to have developed a new and unique technology.

Wireless charging technologies are one of the most talked about topics in the smartphone industry. This technology, which has become popular from good to good, is constantly being discussed about the charging speed and whether it is truly wireless. However, Oppo seems to be facing consumers with a true wireless charging technology in the future.

Oppo talked about a new smartphone today. This phone is called Ace Infinity. We do not have detailed information about the phone and we do not know which hardware features this phone will have. However, Oppo says this phone will come with a wireless charging technology called “FreeVOOC”. This technology will allow Ace Infinity to be able to charge wirelessly within a range of 5 to 10 watts up to 10 meters away.

According to Oppo, the charging coils of FreeVOOC technology are placed on the edge of Ace Infinity. This structure; it consists of a suction layer, a conversion layer, and a conductive material that keeps the battery charged forever. Oppo also released a video about FreeVOOC, where we expect more explanation in the future. Let’s leave you alone with this video if you wish.

Promotional video for FreeVOOC named by Oppo as ‘the future of wireless charging technology’

Prank 🙁

This exciting wireless charging technology from Oppo is actually nothing more than a April 1 joke. But like many names from the world of technology, we thought this joke was real.

Oppo Vice President Brain Shen’s exciting tweet

Technology guru Ben Geskin’s reaction after noticing the excitement and joke

First tweet: Finally! I have been waiting for this technology to come for a long time. Good job.

Second tweet: Oh, this is a April 1st joke …


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