Oppo Announces Oppo Watch Smart Watch, Which Is Very Similar To Apple Watch


It has been known that Oppo has been working on a smart watch similar to Apple Watch for a while. Oppo announces its new smartwatch, Oppo Watch, with its large and high-resolution OLED display.

It has been known that Oppo has been working on a smartphone whose design is similar to Apple Watch. Announced with the launch of Oppo today, Oppo Watch meets expectations with its design and features.

Oppo Watch has two different screen sizes, 46 mm and 41 mm. The screen of the 46mm Oppo Watch is 1.91 inches in size and the screen has a resolution of 473 x 402 pixels. The 41-mm model has a 1.6-inch screen size and a resolution of 360 x 320 pixels. Oppo Watch has a thickness of 11.35 mm.

Both models of Oppo Watch have powerful batteries. Oppo Watch with 46 mm has 430mAh and Oppo Watch with 41 mm has 300mAh battery capacities. Oppo announced that smart watches can be used for 40 hours with full charge. However, if the clocks are used in power saving mode, they can be used for 21 days without charging. In power saving mode, Oppo Watch can only show notifications. Other smartwatch features are disabled in this mode.

Oppo Watch’s charging time is also eye-catching. Oppo stated that the smart watches are fully charged in 75 minutes. Oppo Watches, which can be 46 percent in 15 minutes, can be used with 15 minutes of charge by using all its features for a day.

Oppo uses new Android-based software for Oppo Watches. Oppo Watch works with a software called ColorOS Watch. The Android-based ColorOS Watch has similarities to the interface of Apple Watch.

Although all details of ColorOS Watch have not been revealed yet, it can be seen that it will carry general features such as music control, exercise and sleep tracking. Besides the features brought by ColorOS Watch, Oppo Watch can track heart rhythm and use cellular connectivity via eSIM.

Oppo also seems to have done a good job on the processor and RAM side of their new smartwatch. Oppo Watch carries one of the most powerful smartwatch chipsets, the Snapdragon Wear 2500 chipset. Both Oppo Watch models have 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

The price of Oppo Watch, announced with the launch, was also announced. Oppo Watch’s 46mm model will be available in China for $ 325 and 41mm model for $ 215. Oppo announced that in the coming days, Oppo Watches will be available in Europe.


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