Operators with the fastest mobile internet announced


Ookla, the first company that comes to mind when it comes to internet speed test, has announced the list of operators with the fastest mobile internet in the world, taking SpeedTest data as a reference. The top of the list came from the United Arab Emirates.

Operators with the fastest mobile internet announced

According to Ookla data, Etisalat, based in the United Arab Emirates, has become the world’s fastest mobile internet operator. According to independent tests, the operator, which reached an average download speed of 115.89 Mbps, achieved an average score of 98.78 in the Speed ​​Score category.

Etisalat is also the fastest mobile internet in the first 4 quarters of 2020; It also won the Speedtest Award in the fastest fixed broadband internet categories in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2019.

en hızlı mobil internete sahip operatörler

In the Speed ​​Score category, there is no other operator that exceeds 90 points, while the South Korea-based SK Telecom operator ranked second on the list with 89.54 points. The Qatar-based Ooredoo operator was third with 87.80 points, Bulgaria-based Vivacom fourth with 86.40 points, and T-Mobile Netherlands ranked fifth with 74.55 points.


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