Operator wants cheaper cell phone plan, but with ads


Would you like to receive a discount on your phone plan in exchange for receiving ads while using your cell phone? The US operator AT&T is currently studying the possibility of launching a subscription modality based on this format, already popular in the sale of electronics and streaming services.

According to the Reuters news agency, which spoke with the operator’s CEO, John Stankey, the reduction in the telephone bill would be between $ 5 and $ 10. In other words, most of the value would still be with the consumer. For now, the executive has not detailed what form of advertising this would be – or what the format will be, such as windows appearing on the screen or short videos, for example.

The streaming HBO Max, which is part of the AT&T group, will soon have a version with ads and this should serve as the basis for an eventual implementation in telephony. As the company owns other companies that are part of very varied markets, consumption habits will be taken into account so that advertising is targeted and “useful” to the consumer.

AT&T will still carry out studies on the feasibility of the project and may launch the discounted plans and announcements in up to two years.


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