Operation Varsity Blues: Scandal is coming to Netflix


Netflix will release a documentary about the scandal of purchasing university places in the United States called Operation Varsity Blues.

A teaser for the release of the documentary is already on the internet and shows that the film will analyze the controversy involving Hollywood actresses and will be available in streaming on March 17th.

After the success of other documentary productions about real crimes, like Making a Murderer and Tiger King, the company continues to invest in talented filmmakers to highlight these issues. A prominent example is the film The 13th Amendment, by Ava Duvernal, about the mass incarceration of black Americans.

In addition, other Hollywood documentaries have already hit the streaming screen, such as Jim and Andy, and the 2020 series, Jeffrey Epstein: Power and Perversion.

Operation Varsity Blues: learn more about Netflix’s new documentaries about the Hollywood scandal
The documentary Operation Varsity Blues deals with the case of the scandal of university vacancies, in which, in 2019, parents of wealthy students got involved in a bribery network that included millions of dollars for their children to be admitted to the best universities in the States United.

Rick Singer orchestrated the scheme by falsifying sporting credentials and helping clients’ children cheat in college entrance exams. The criminal now faces 65 years in prison.

The controversy was highlighted when some names of famous actresses were linked to the case, such as Oscar-winning actress Felicity Huffman and Full House actress Lori Loughlin, who served two months in prison for the scheme.

Directed by Chris Smith and produced by Jon Karmen, a pair responsible for Tiger King and Fyre, the documentary was named after the FBI investigation. Operation Varsity Blue will be available on March 17th on Netflix.


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