Operation of fake Apple AirPods worth 398K dollars!


The customs and border enforcement team (CBP) working for John F. Kennedy International Airport had a busy day. 2000 wireless headphones were seized in the operation for counterfeit Apple AirPods models.

The total value of the Hong Kong originated headphones corresponds to 398 thousand dollars. Making a press release on Twitter, CBP said that it is protecting the American public from such counterfeit products. So, which brand do these products actually belong to?

Fake Apple AirPods models dominate the agenda

CBP New York Field Operations Director Troy Miller congratulated his teammates who took part in this operation. Stating that the employees in his team are loyal to the CBP principles and made a special effort to be careful, Miller announced that these products were caught on 31 August 2020.

CBP New York Field Operations Director said the fake AirPods were confiscated when they were about to be taken to Nevada. Apart from that, we see that the OnePlus Buds box is used to pack fake products in photos published on Twitter.

Sahte Apple AirPods

CBP emphasized that the headphones captured in the message it published do not belong to Apple. As we understand from the images, the products seized belong to OnePlus, but there is no explanation about this issue yet. In this context, we do not say for now that fake AirPods models are actually OnePlus Buds.

Although the shape of the Buds named headphones produced by OnePlus is different from the AirPods headphones, we know that fraudsters copy the products offered for sale by popular companies in terms of both design and features, and produce products that are very similar to the original and launch them. From this point of view, it is highly likely that these devices are actually OnePlus Buds looking AirPods.

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Çakma Apple AirPods

There was no statement on this issue from the OnePlus front. Apple also keeps its silence. Do you think these headphones are actually OnePlus Buds or are they an under-the-ladder production built into the OnePlus Buds box? We are waiting your comments.


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