Opera’s Android and Desktop Versions Updated


Opera, which has released a new update for Android and desktop applications, strengthened the synchronization between applications. In addition, it is now easy to transfer files from smartphone to computer with Opera.

Opera, one of the popular web browsers, has released a new update for Android and desktop versions, and has gained a number of new features that improve the user experience. While the prominent new features of Opera Android are Streaming and Site Suggestions; Among the notable new features of the Opera desktop version is Easy Files.

Another feature that Opera released with its latest update was synchronization with the QR Code. When users open the opera.com/connect address in the desktop browser and scan the QR code with their smartphones, the data in the desktop and Android app are matched.

With the feature called Flow, Opera Android users can easily send and receive files, links, YouTube videos, photos and personal notes between the mobile application and the desktop version. In addition, the Opera Android version has also received a Site Suggestion feature that will show the websites they visit the most, right below the quick search bar when users open a new tab.

Video posted for Opera’s new Streaming feature

Finally, Opera has received a pop-up menu called Easy Files where users can add recently downloaded files to the post when they want to add files when sending an e-mail or similar message in the desktop version without opening the file explorer. Be sure to update both your mobile and desktop browsers to use Opera’s latest features.

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