Opera Releases New Android Update with Focus on Data Savings


Opera, one of the most preferred internet browsers in the world, has released a new update for Android platform that focuses on low data usage. In addition, many innovations that increase user experience have gained a much more functional form than ever before.

Nowadays, when we close our homes because of the coronavirus epidemic spread all over the world, we are digitizing more than ever. The cancellation of social events, the closing of schools and the shutters of cafes increased the time we spent at home. So this situation also hit our internet quotas.

The popular internet browser Opera will be starting from this that it has released a new update for the Android platform that focuses on low data usage. The new version includes many innovations, such as improved data saving modes, better offline pages, speed dialing, and improved crypto services.

Accessible through the browser’s settings, Data Saving Mode helps users consume less data while helping pages load more easily and quickly. Opera also did not neglect to put a data saving badge on the left side of the address bar, which shows how much data is spent in real time.

Offline pages have been redesigned to allow users to save any website for later reading offline. Users can also choose where to store the offline pages they save.

Observing that users prefer to use the address bar when they are not on the start page, Opera changed the Speed ​​Dial to this. Enabling the autocomplete feature for Speed ​​Dials to speed up the process, Opera allows the address bar to automatically complete the appropriate address when users start typing a word or URL.

Opera, one of the first browsers that support Web 3.0, allows users to register .crypto domains and wallet addresses with the new update for Android. Extending its crypto wallet feature to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Switzerland and all EU countries, the browser promises a much more functional user experience than ever. You can download the new version of Opera here.


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