Opera Mini Gets A Feature That Is Not Available In Any Browser


Browsers, which are of critical importance in internet usage, are developing with new features added every day. Opera is one of the most popular browsers with many user-oriented features. With the Mini version of Opera, users can now send and receive files without the need for special file sharing applications.

Opera Mini, which is preferred by many people with the features it offers, has added a new feature to its structure. Ad blocking and VPN features, such as hosting the application itself, which is not in the competition, especially this one will be able to take a step ahead.

Opera Mini, one of the popular browsers, has become the first browser to support offline file sharing. One hundred million Opera Mini users; photo transfer, video transfer and audio file transfer between devices that are close to each other very quickly. There is also no sharing limit and no internet connection required. There’s no need to download an extra file sharing app, especially with this new, fast, secure, and offline feature. In addition, the Opera Mini can transmit files up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth connectivity at a high file-sharing speed.

How will offline file sharing work?

Offline and accelerated file sharing is possible with the Wi-Fi connection that Opera Mini establishes between devices nearby. This means that Opera Mini makes this possible by creating a temporary private network that allows files to be transferred quickly and securely between devices.

To start sending and receiving files, go to the “File Sharing” section of the menu and select “Send or Receive.” Opera Mini creates a QR code for scanning other devices and connects the device that reads the QR code. When a file is successfully transferred, the notification to the sender is going and the recipient can access the files from the “Received” tab in Opera Mini.


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