Opera makes it easy to sync between Android and PC


Opera makes it easy to sync between Android and desktop computers. The latest versions of the web browser for Android and desktop apps introduce a new feature called Sync that doesn’t require email or password.

In the desktop version of Opera, users go to opera.com/connect and scan the QR code displayed on the screen with Opera’s Android application. After this is done, all the desktop bookmarks, favorites and browsing history are moved to Android.

In the statement made by Opera, it was stated that this feature was developed because people do not like to write long passwords and e-mails. However, those who do not want to use the QR code will be able to use the e-mail and password login method for synchronization as before.

Another innovation offered by Opera is called Flow. With this feature, users can share links, YouTube videos, photos and personal notes between their mobile and desktop browsers. Users can perform this process by clicking the “Send to Flow” text from the menu after scanning the thing they will send. This feature also allows users to paste and upload files of 10 MB size.

Another innovation offered for Opera Android and desktop applications is the “Recommended Sites” feature. Within the framework of this feature, the sites that users visit frequently are shown in the quick search section.

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